How To View Large Images

When you see an item you want to read more about simply click on the picture in that category. e.g. Category: New Arrivals > Item: China Cake Plate.

At the top of the page you will see a large image with several smaller images below. Click on the large image and see each of the smaller images in large view by clicking the right side arrow > 

All detailed information about each product is below the blue 'Add to my basket' box.

Related items can be viewed at the very bottom of the page.
Add items to the shopping basket to see the shipping cost. Items can be added and removed from the shopping basket as many times as you like. Return to the Shopping Basket - at the top left hand side of the page - when you wish to remove or view items in your basket.
Some items have all large pictures with detailed descriptions in a linear sequence. For these listings simply scroll down the page.