More Information About Vintage China

Vintage China Explained

In our New Arrivals you will find vintage and new tiered cake stands, traditional and mismatched tea sets, dessert sets, teacups, teapots, milk jugs and sugar bowls, cake plates and much more.

We never know what vintage treasures we will discover from week to week. Please do check back to see the latest lovely vintage china and new items for sale.

Each of our mismatched vintage cake stands and eclectic tea sets is unique so you won't find another elsewhere. Once they're gone there will be no other exactly the same.

We select only the very best pieces of authentic English vintage bone china and all cracked or chipped china is discarded. In bygone times the cost of manufacture, hand decoration and 22kt gold gilding made rejection of "not quite perfect" pieces prohibitive. There are often tiny flecks, or small paint smudges under the glaze. This is quite normal and adds to the charm of authentic vintage china.

All china is washed and inspected for quality and condition and the 'ping' test is made on every piece to ensure the bone china rings.

All teapots are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized right down to the base of the spout.

We serve a niche market with discerning customers who wish to buy quality vintage china.   

If an item does not display a stock count or price it is because that item has SOLD OUT.

We have 3 Condition Standards:

  1. Shabby Chic Style - there may be wear to the gold gilding or a manufacturing error in the pattern or graded as second quality by the manufacturer (Often it is very difficult to see why with this is with the naked eye). A maximum of 2 of these conditions is allowed. 
  2. Excellent - there may be a bit of wear to the gold gilding (22kt gold was used to decorate vintage china). Only light utensil marks - usually on plates - are allowed. However most china graded as excellent does not have gild wear nor utensil marks.
  3. Pristine - as good as the day it left the factory. 
We always say if there are any obvious errors or areas of wear and any piece of china that does not fulfill our quality and condition criteria is discarded.