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Vintage and New Cake & Sandwich Serving Plates

Vintage Cake or Sandwich Plates

Serve your sandwich cakes, celebration cakes, biscuits and sandwiches on a beautiful china plate.

See also Individual Plates and Plate Sets

Sandwich, Biscuit Trays and Platters

Comport Pedestal Cake Stands and Cake or Sandwich Plates are perfect for your sponge cakes, celebration cakes, gateaux and sandwiches. Add some teacup trios (Teacup+Saucer+Tea Plate) or a set of six tea plates and start creating your very own unique vintage mismatched tea set.

Mismatched tea sets are very fashionable and practical. If an item gets broken the tea set is not ruined as you can always add another piece.

When collecting your tea set choose a colour theme or style, era or manufacturer and add as many pieces as you like.


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